Harp & Silver Flute Duet

Dearbahail Finnegan & Robin Slater

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"UNQUESTIONABLY... a must see experience of amazing music and pure fun!"


After their marriage in 2000, Dearbhail & Robin naturally formed an elegant Harp and Flute Ensemble. Although the husband and wife duo had no great plans to expand what began as pure fun, they soon were asked to perform together at events in Ireland.

Following a soaring rise in popularity, Dearbhail and Robin are now in great demand both locally and abroad.

While on tour in the States, they headlined their Silver Dollar City show for a fourth consecutive year at America's Largest International Festival, “Worldfest” in Branson, Missouri!

Together they combine natural humour with beautiful music to make the enjoyable event very special, inviting the audience to enter their exciting world of travel, new world customs and adventure.

While never abandoning their Gaelic/Celtic roots, Dearbhail and Robin have traveled worldwide to play for Royalty, Presidents and countless dignitaries alike, adding to their itinerary: Germany, Italy, Israel, Australia, and the United States. With each destination, the Irish harp and silver flute evolve into an increasingly-lovely eclectic experience. Privileged to join Dearbhail and Robin in concert, the audience is transported through both time and space! Whether enjoying classical Bach; the traditional Welch, Queen's Marsh; a hauntingly beautiful Irish air, Inisheer; rocking with the Beatles and Van Morrison; or simply lulled by an American folk ballad, Ashokan Farewell; listeners will span the globe through eons of beautiful music.

However, that's only part of the story. The feisty husband and wife team add a very alluring quality of humour. Although Robin and Dearbhail might hail from half-a-world-away, yet they are always inseparably linked to their audience's heart. Engaging each guest with the lighthearted banter of any ordinary married couple, rapport is instantly established. Playfully sparring on stage, Dearbhail and Robin effortlessly cross cultural boundaries to simply become everyone's “friend next door!” Consequently, their effective style of entertainment bears fruit with a cacophony of laughter and applause!