Harp Servicing

Having completed a training workshop at the Salvi Factory in Piasco, Italy under the supervision of Davide Arduino (Technical Service Manager). We can now offer Lever Harp Regulation and service for all Salvi Lever Harps.

We are also authorised to  carry out warranty work on all Salvi Lever Harps.

Why should you use a Salvi Technician?

We recommend having your harp regulated periodically by a Salvi Technician. We use factory OEM parts, have a thorough understanding of the instrument plus knowledge of all the technical aspects needed by regulators.  Additionally, we keep a detailed history of the service performed on your harp and when your harp is regulated by a Salvi Technician, your warranty terms will remain intact.

What is Harp Regulation?


Harp regulation is a periodic maintenance service designed to keep your harp in optimal playing condition.


During a regulation I will diagnose any problems the harpist may have with unwanted noises. It may not always possible to eliminate every unwanted noise but in most cases annoying buzzes can be remedied. Next I will check the calibration between every string in each lever position to make sure that the lever is engaging the string and that the the semi tone increment is as perfect as possible.

Strings must be in good condition in order for the regulation to be worthwhile, as often regulation problems occur because of old/faulty strings. Check your strings regularly, Natural Gut strings will need to be replaced more often.

Regulation typically takes a one to two hours. For your convenience you can leave the harp in the workshop for those few hours or pick up your harp the following day. 


Replacing a whole set of strings takes three to five days. Replacing wire strings can be done during regulation.


Lever Harp Regulation in Workshop - €100

Replacing of Bass Strings during regulation - €45

Full Re-string prior to regulation - €80

We stock all strings and they can be purchased from us, if required. Please change any strings at least one week prior to regulation.

We use Salvi Factory Parts and professional equipment to calibrate your harp.

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