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Dearbhail was honoured to have been asked to endorse the Salvi 'Donegal' Harp, and was fortunate to have visted Piasco, Italy, where Salvi harps are made. In 2011 Dearbhail and the Meath Harp Ensemble played a concert for Victor Salvi and were also lucky enough to have had a wonderful day organised by Vincenzo Scerbo, visiting the Salvi museum and a guided tour of the factory itself.


My Remembrance of Mr Victor Salvi  (1920 - 2015)


I was deeply saddened to receive news of Mr Salvi’s unfortunate passing.


Despite the personal loss, Victor Salvi still lives in the creation of his elegant harps. The tone and fine craftsmanship of the instruments are exquisite. Salvi harps have opened so many doors for me in my career that I am immeasurably grateful to this one man for the work of crafting such beautiful creatures.


Consequently, I know Mr Salvi’s unique legacy continues to reach countless individuals just as it has touched my life.

One of the poignant memories I have of Mr Salvi’s important contributions occurred when I was playing in Venasca, Italy. The concert was featured at a most beautiful church in that lovely little village. This community was very near the town of Piasco where the Salvi factory is located. What I most remember is the audiences’ reaction when Mr Salvi attended the event.


Immediately, the people stood in reverent respect of the man. It was very obvious the residents had great admiration for Mr Salvi, for his contributions to their local community, and for the living legacy of his work.

Although Victor Salvi has unfortunately passed, his heritage continues to impact countless people’s lives, in addition to my own. His treasured endowment is clearly evident in individuals who have been transformed by the man’s passionate love for the harp. Last year, when traveling to Bogota Columbia by invitation of the Salvi Harp Foundation, I witnessed the wonderful support for the young Columbian harpists through the patronage of this organization.


In the poem “My Gentle Harp,” Ireland’s renowned poet, Thomas Moore, spoke of enduring hope and joy amid times of loss and despair. Moore’s words aptly reflect the lasting legacy of Victor Salvi’s immortal gift to the world...

“My gentle Harp, once more I waken The sweetness of thy slumbering strain; In tears our last farewell was taken, And now in tears we meet again.......

“But come -- if yet thy frame can borrow One breath of joy, oh, breathe for me, And show the world, in chains and sorrow, How sweet thy music still can be;

How gaily, even 'mid gloom surrounding, Thou yet canst wake at pleasure's thrill -- Like Memnon's broken image sounding, 'Mid desolation tunefull still!”

Finally entrusting his mortal body to the ages, Victor Salvi’s harps remain to elegantly speak for him with undying dignity and grace.


Most respectfully yours, Dearbhail Finnegan